2201783186 – Amanda Puteri Rozyanti – International Business Management

Never thought in my life that I would receive such honors during my bachelor studies at BINUS University. My journey has always been wonderful and irreplaceable here, with lots of love and support from God, family, BBS faculty members and lecturers, my beloved colleagues from Management Laboratory and my kids in BINUS Business Consulting Group, friends, seniors, staff, and others who are shaping me of what I become right now. From the moment I stepped here, I always believed that only in BINUS you can push yourself to the unlimitedness because great opportunities are wide open for everyone who’s striving, and that’s how I made it to the end with these achievements. As I reflected back my journey within the past 3.5 years, I realized that it wasn’t about the recognition at all, but it is how with BINUS we are able to enjoy the process of growing ourselves to be much better than before, keeping that integrity, and always strive for excellence. So, thank you BINUS for these unforgettable years, now let our journey of a thousand miles begins from this single step.