2340081121 – NICHOLAS DOMINIC – Computer Science (Master Track Program)

BINUS Higher Education has helped me to design a dense minefield of success so it’s now impossible for me to escape winnings in every step of the way. Within less than 220 weeks (of study period), BINUS has shaped me into a completely different person: today I am fully armed with world-class insights, research capabilities, and growth mindset. I cordially thank all excellent professors, lecturers, staffs, and other academic professionals in BINUS who always dedicate their time, energy, and brilliant minds for my acceleration study in Computer Science, Master Track program. To all graduates of the 66th Graduation, and also to all Binusians, let our inconceivable achievements become a true manifestation of the spirit of “fostering and empowering the society”. Remember, as Napoleon Hill said: If you cannot do great things, then do small things in a great way.