2340081153 – GREGORIUS NATANAEL ELWIREHARDJA – Computer Science

First comes the gratitude to God for His grace is what allows me to keep on walking and growing. A huge shoutout of thanks to my family, my friends, all of the lecturers, staffs, BDSRC, and the big family of Binusian for all of their supports. Remembering about my journey in college, I can say it was tough and difficult, but awesome and unforgettable at the same time. But it all pays well, as I met a lot of new friends and learnt a lot, especially the values of hard work as reflected in the SPIRIT values of BINUS, “Striving for excellence” and “Perseverance”. As Vert Wheeler once said, “Wisdom is a circle. What you receive, you must give back.”, I hope that we all, the graduates of BINUS University, can use the knowledge and skills we obtained through our life in BINUS for the greater good of humanity, our nation, and our world.