2201797525 – Michelle Elisia Cahyadi – BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS

“Extended are my gratitude for the people I have met along my journey, from lecturers to colleagues, not to mention those who have shown me unrelenting support from home whose efforts have given an immeasurable contribution to where I am now. Reflecting on the past 4 years made me recall my first day, when I had no idea on the lessons I would soon learn, the struggles I would soon overcome, and the colorful memories that would remain. Each subject has given us excellent values of knowledge, discipline, determination, creativity, and teamwork. With such an exceptional learning process presented to us by Sir Sam, Sir Win Ce and other lecturers, I have no doubts that Binus International University will continue to surpass my expectations and make a worthwhile learning experience for me and many to come. My time here will always stay close to my heart.”