2201798433 – Ivana – Busienss Information Systems

I’m very grateful to my parents, lecturers, and also friends who have always supported me throughout my four years of undergraduate study at BINUS International University. I’ve gained lots of soft skills and hard skills in the field of Business Information Systems ever since the beginning when I’m not familiar with IS-related things to someone who is knowledgeable in this field. Through a lot of practical teaching and assignments given, lots of valuable experience that I can get during my study from solving critical problems that are related to the current industry to the simulation of working in a group with a real client. This remarkable study journey that I get during my study supports and motivates me to become the best version of myself and strive for my best with great effort, passion, attitude, and high spirit. Furthermore, the internship program provided by BINUS allows me to apply what I’ve learned and prepares me for the real world of work.