2301871813 – Audrey Esther Lita – Information Systems

Praise God and Thank you Jesus for Your inclusion from the beginning until now so that I can finish studying for 3.5 years in Information system Program at Binus University.
I express my gratitude to my family and loved ones who have always supported and given love from the beginning until now.
It was an extraordinary opportunity because I was able to study at Binus University, I got a lot of things and learned during my studies at BINUS, not only material that was very useful for the world of work but lots of soft skills that I got from the lecturers who were always willing helping students and teaching us well, comrades in arms, experience as Labsisfo Assistants and Mentors.
It’s been a very colorful, grateful and valuable 3.5 years experience. I hope that I can always be a blessing and help people around me, Thank you very much, Binus.