DELVIRA – 2001559116 – Information Systems

First of all I want to say praise and gratitude to God, my parents and all my support system around me who had helped me going through this 3.5 years college journey. It’s such an honor and unforgettable moment to be able to graduate in this year and in this pandemic situation, which lead us all to have a new normal life. Being a Binusian for the past years have gained me a lot of experience, knowledge and friendship through classes, volunteering and internship. Many of them challenge me out of my comfort zone but this opportunity brought me to a job career right away after the Internship program ended even before I finish my degree, and I’m so thankful for that. So to any new student coming to BINUS University, I would say this, “Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes to you. If it gets overburden, you can always take a break and scale back then try to continue and finish it at your very best.” Last but not least HAPPY GRADUATION to all of us