CHELSEA ADORA – 2001566866 – Information Systems

“The time I have spent at Binus University plays a very crucial role in my career. The whole experience has given me the confidence and ability to achieve several things that I once believed weren’t even possible. Binus University has given me a plethora of tools, knowledge, and understanding on how to maximize my potential in order to turn prospects into real opportunities, to have a competitive advantage in this rapidly developing society. It has been a remarkable journey, as I have also made numerous connections with some of the most incredible individuals that I wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for my studies here. 

It takes dedication, commitment, and most importantly, courage to push through tough times and still make it to the finish line, let alone walk out as best graduate. The year 2020 had the world on standstill, and endangered our health, human rights, and safety. I would like to commend all of you on making it thus far. Celebrate! Your next chapter is waiting just up ahead.”