GIOVANNA TINY SAGITA GAYATRI – 1901807145 – Information Systems Management

Praise be to God for His grace so I can  complete my Master degree in Binus Graduate Program. The experience of going through an online Master program is an unforgettable yet great experience. We have to stay alert with personal and group assignments, forums, video confrence class schedules, and on-site exam schedules. Studying MMSI really broaden my insights,  especially in the field of Advance topic in MIS and Digital Business and E-commerce Management.  All of those knowledges are beneficial in increasing my personal potential  and career.  Participating in the MMSI also give the experience how to do a correct scientific writing, how to participate in conferences and publish scientific journals from our written Thesis. We’ve been through it all by the support of family, college friends, campus staffs, and of course  by the guidance of all our lecturers/professors . Thanks Binus Graduate Program!