CLARISA EMERALDA – 2001566241 – Marketing Communication

Personally, completing the undergraduate level in 3.5 years and achieving the Summa Cumlaude predicate is a pride that cannot be replaced with other achievements in life. Bina Nusantara has become a place of transformation for students, not only in terms of academics but also in self-development in terms of soft skills, character building, and connections. This is also supported by the proficiency of the lectures and staff, especially with the 3 + 1 program which has succeeded in shaping and preparing more value for each student. Special Shoutout for the Communication Department which has initiated the formation of The Fighters Club (TFC) and guided each of its members, including myself, so that we can participate in various competitions that can increase skills and creates motivation to further craft the next achievement. Congratulations  to all of us who have passed one of the most important milestones, keep going forward to start a new chapter of our life.