DANIEL LAOH – 2001537393 – Computer Science

First of all, I would like to say thank you to God, parents, lecturers, and all my friends who have supported me through my college years. 

These past 3.5 years have been a special and unforgettable journey for me. Even though I faced many problems, but I also found many good friends who are willing to learn together, supported me in both good and bad times. I would also like to thank my academic advisor, Ms. Dewi Suryani, S.Kom., M.Eng. who assisted me in the process of writing my thesis for six whole months. It is due to her guidance, that I was able to finish my thesis as well as I did.  Those two factors are one of many reasons that I now find myself in this position. Thank you Binus for everything! Especially for 3+1 program that really changed my life for the better. 

Just as people said, Binus truly is a world-class university! 

Thank you, good luck, and see you on top!