FAISAL – 2001847780 – Computer Science

I have been working in the IT field for more than 10 years, finally I can continue my master study in computer science at Binus University. Having this master’s program requires patience and perseverance. Alhamdulillah, I can graduate on time. There are many new things that I got during my 1.5 years study, especially  latest knowledge updates in the IT field, which is currently hype such as Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligent (AI). It feels nice to have a new habit where I am required to understand many scientific journals in IT so I can get useful insight to support my thesis research. There are also lots of discussions and case studies and experiences from fellow classmates in each lecture. One more thing, I can expand my networking with some classmates who are also qualified IT professionals in their field. Many thanks to Binus University. I’ve had many invaluable experiences.