HERYADI MARYANTO – 2001541680 – Computer Science

“3.5 years ago, I started my journey in Binus University. Back then, it was like walking in a dark alley. I didn’t know where this alley headed to and yet I kept moving forward. Each step was full with uncertainty and each turn led to an even vague path. Along the path, I met with lots of strangers that seemed to be as lost as me. We decided to walk on together. Some of them made different turns and some decided to stop walking. Even so, I still took my step and decided to keep moving on with the remains. 42 Months have passed since then, and the future that i always wondered has become my past. The strangers that i met have become the lights of my life. And the turns that we took have become the foundation to what we are today.  

It took me around 1260 days to finish my education in Binus University. During that days, I’ve gained lots of experiences and knowledges, make friends with amazing people, and met with outstanding lecturers. Today, we celebrate the end of our journey. And today will be our first step to another amazing stories.”