STEPHANIE VIRDAYANTI – 2001587656 – Computer Science

Before starting my undergraduate study, I was not excited. I didn’t think big and only lurking for the most economist choice of university. Binus University is not my first choice. “it’s just another step to the real world,” they said. I took it as, “university is not the real world, yet,” so why I bother choosing a fancy university. Blessedly, ASAK Stella Maris helped me to open my first door, entering this fancy university. Along the way, studying at Binus University lighten numerous out of indefinite doors to the real world. I started to learn my major, which become fundamental to learn independently nowadays. I socialized with plentiful people in and outside the university thanks to opportunities that Binus University provides. Now, I am here writing in the time that I perceived as the real world back then. A journey of many miles begins with a single step, and my first step is studying at Binus University.