Gita Aryshandy – 2301938983 – Business Management (PJJ)

First of all, Thanks to God for the opportunity, thank you to my parents, all my family, my comrades, and the place where I work. 

In the real life, a brilliant career and a bright future is everyone’s desire. To be a part of BINUS University is a matter of pride and honor for me. The limitations of time and energy are not comparable with knowledge that I’ve gained during the lectures that I did at BINUS. In my opinion, knowledge is open-ended, which means that everything we learn can be solved in various ways (not just one way) including following the development of science and technology, in fact this is offered in the learning process at BINUS. This is a very exciting experience and definitely very rewarding. A big thank you to all the lecturers who have been involved. I’M PROUD TO BE BINUSIAN!