Putri Natasya Fanuel – 2201917340 – Information Systems Management (Master Track S2)

This 4.5 years has been an unforgettable experience for me as a master track student. Not only that it’s been a journey of faith with God, but also a journey of friendship. It’s not about the skill, the IQ, the grade and all that. It is indeed about how I seize every second of it (including the hecticness of HIMSISFO, while also mentoring as BS Academic Ambassador, and being a part of ISCSC). There’s no other me that will ever live in all the earth’s history, and in its entire future. So I choose to be present, and enjoy it. Remembering the struggles only made me more grateful and felt everything paid off in the end. Thank God for always guiding me all the way, my family for your continuous support, and Binus for becoming a part of it.