Samuel Samuedra Susjanto Harno – 2101651760 – International Business Management (Global Class

I would like to Thank God for giving me an opportunity to study in BINUS University and I’m totally grateful for everyone’s support during my study life in BINUS. When I reflected on my years, I’ve never thought that I’d be here without support from my family and people that I have encountered along the way, especially from the Head Deputy of IBM-GC, Mr. Mike Tuori and the whole IBM department, alongside with my fellow mentors, mentees, true friends, and SASC staffs who are always there. I have gained skills and learned many new knowledge along the way, which made me realize that learning will always become an essential process in our life, and we should never stop doing so to discover our new limits and potentials. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. However, the most important thing along the way is the memory we made, which we will always remember in our whole life.