Amanda Aurellia – 2101679140 – Public Relations @Malang

My college years at Binus were great and a memory to cherish for lifetime. My time in Binus will always be the greatest time in my youth where I had been taught and shaped to be who I am today. Special shout out to Public Relation Department in Binus Malang for that! Having spent all of those years to learn from outstanding lecturers and able to meet wonderful people, I have surely gained a lot of amazing experiences. I am thankful to all the colleges, mentor, lecturers, and faculties that have crossed my path. The opportunity provided by Binus programs helped me to be more active in search and understand my own passion.  

Most of all, I would like to express my gratitude to my lecturer in Binus Malang, family, and friends who have supported me until now. Thank you for the wonderful years behind and that now I can proudly say that I was a Binusian and will always be a Binusian.